4. Contact Addresses and Phone Numbers etc. of the Openness Committee in Denmark (Åbenhedskomitéen)

The contact person and spokesman of the Openness Committee:

Name: Kurt Loftkjær
Address: Amundsensvej 37
  DK- 2800 Lyngby
Phone:   . (+45) 45 88 94 66

If you want to write to the Openness Committee, click here:


 The name of the homepage of the Openness Committee:


Contribution for further work:


The board of the Openness Committee:

Kurt Loftkjær Amundsensvej 37 2800 Lyngby
John Damm Sørensen Stenkrogen 6 2800 Lyngby
Leif Kajberg Klirevænget 31 2880 Bagsværd
Lars Roesen Stenkrogen 10 2800 Lyngby
Karl Bencke Stengårds Allé 49 2800 Lyngby
Niels Larsen Nybro Vænge 67 2800 Lyngby

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